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The new Music Practice room in Lincoln Chambers is now open for bookings by Music Society members with access to request the Music Practice Rooms on Resource Booker.

The hours of the new LCH MPR are 0800-2100 Monday to Sunday on dates when the School is open.
If you are not yet registered on the online system please email lse.roombookings@lse.ac.uk.
To access the online Resource Booker please go to: http://mybookings.lse.ac.uk
There is currently only a piano in the LCH MPR. Drum kit, amps and other instruments will be available from 1st February 2017.
How to find it: the door is between the SU stationary shop and the LSE merchandise shop; swipe your card on the reader and then follow the signs down the stairs to the basement.
Please note that access to the LCH MPR is not step free.