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Do you need to play an instrument or be a singer to join the LSESU Music Society?
NO! Not at all! All we ask for is passion and enthusiasm for music. Whether you want to be part of our music groups or just go to our events, you are welcome to purchase our membership here, and join a group of like-minded music-lovers!

Also, check out our introduction video here:

Which music groups are running this year?
We are glad to announce that the LSE Choir and LSE Orchestra will be running this year (2021/2022) starting from Michaelmas Term! We will be sending out more information about audition and rehearsal dates later on.

The two a cappella groups, the Houghtones and the RogueNotes, will also be running. For more information, please follow them as well as the LSESU Music Society on Facebook!



LSESU Music Society:

If you’re interested in starting a new music group, we have a Google Forms where you can write down what instrument you play as well as what type of music and ensemble you want. Link:

How can I get involved in the LSESU Music Society?
The LSESU Music Society will be having elections for the following roles:

  • Head of Logistics: responsible for the maintenance, lending, and tracking of musical equipment, technology, and instruments owned by the society.
  • Head of Public Affairs: organise and manage the promotion of the society via our social media pages.
  • Head of Choir: represent the LSE Choir; maintain a close relationship with the choirmaster, and act as an intermediary between the choirmaster and choir members.
  • Head of Chamber Music: organise and manage chamber music events.
  • Head of Jazz: organise and manage jazz music events.
  • Head of World Music: organise and manage multi-cultural music events.
  • Head of Orchestra: represent the LSE Orchestra; maintain a close relationship with the conductor, and act as an intermediary between the conductor and orchestra members.
  • Head of Live Music: ensure the smooth functioning of live music events.

As the Choir and Orchestra will be running, we hope to elect heads for these groups as soon as possible!

Students fulfilling these roles can help out with the weekly organisation and running of our events.

Elections open in October. We will notify you on our Facebook page when elections open.



LSESU Music Society:

Does the LSESU Music Society have a WhatsApp group?
Yes! Here is the link:
New Music Society Discord Server launching!
We are introducing a Music Society Discord Server this year, which we hope will be a better – and more centralised – place to socialise, relay information and interact with one another than WhatsApp! 
Do I need to buy the membership to apply for the Music Groups?

You can purchase your membership here:

Is there any way to rent out/borrow instruments? What are the instruments available to rent?
We have plans to create a log of all equipment owned by the LSESU Music Society. Once this is done, members will be able to borrow instruments and equipment, provided they take care of it while in their possession and record it on our form.

More details will be released as we make progress, so please bear with us!


Music Practice Rooms (MPR)

Is there some kind of music room at LSE?
Yes! We have two Music Practice Rooms: one is located in Lincoln Chambers and the other one is behind the Shaw Library. Once you purchase membership of the LSESU Music Society, you can request booking rights to these rooms by emailing
When will be able to book the Music Practice Rooms using the Resource Booker?
Once the Music Practice Rooms are available to be used – beginning of October for the LCH MPR and November for the Shaw Library MPR -, emailing LSE Room Bookings will grant you access to the Resource Booker system. 
How many hours can we book the the Music Practice Rooms per day?
You can book the MPRs one hour slot per day, up to 2 weeks in advance.
How can we book the Music Practice Rooms?
You’ll have to purchase society membership first, then email LSE Room Bookings with your name and LSE ID number. They will grant access to your LSE ID card, which you can swipe and unlock the MPRs. They will also grant you access to the online Resource Booker, where you can book up to one hour of the MPRs on each day. You will need to book a slot and get an email confirmation in order to access the MPR.

Detailed instructions will be sent to you by LSE Room Bookings once they grant you MPR access.

Purchase membership here: 

Resource Booker: 

LSE Room Bookings: 

What type of instruments are available to use in the Music Practice Rooms?
There are a variety of instruments between them: pianos, guitars, drum kits, and amps. We will be creating an inventory of equipment in the beginning of Michaelmas Term and sharing it on our social media!
How busy do the Music Practice Rooms get?
Historically the MPRs do get booked quite fully. You can book up to two weeks in advance. It is recommended that you book as early as possible to secure a practice slot.

NOTE: due to COVID-19, the Shaw Library has been converted into a teaching room, and the LSE has notified us that students will not be able to use the Shaw Library Music Practice Room during teaching hours. We are in discussions with LSE Room Bookings and the LSESU to see whether this can be changed. We will provide more updates on this.

Given the above, the availability of MPRs has become more limited, and we expect demand to be even higher.

I play a fairly loud instrument and I’m staying in halls. Can I play in my room?
This depends on the rules in your hall. That being said, some halls do have music rooms, such as Bankside House. Whenever possible, play with practice mutes to minimise any disruption to your neighbours!

You are more than welcome to come and practice in our Music Practice Rooms located on the LSE campus!



What events are you running this year?
The last two years at Music Society have meant we sadly weren’t able to run any of our usual ensembles or performance opportunities – in 2021/2022 we are determined to make a comeback!

All of our in-person regular activities can resume. These include:

  • LSE Chill: evening performances hosted by LSE Arts, many throughout the year.
  • Lunchtime concerts in the Shaw Library, where you can treat yourself to a range of genres of performances.
  • Our ‘Give It a Go’ sessions for our music groups: Houghtones, RogueNotes, and Orchestra, where anyone can just join in along with well-acquainted members!
  • Pub Crawls
  • In-person trips to concerts/musicals
  • Hold concerts as we have done in the past; this includes our flagship LSE Spring Concert featuring our excellent LSE Choir and LSE Orchestra.
  • Karaoke socials, because who doesn’t like the feeling of wielding the glorious mic!

This year we want to facilitate meeting other musicians and having social opportunities more than ever – last year we created a music networking database and we’re really excited to bring this to life on campus by holding a ‘meet the musicians’ night where you can find others who are looking to form musical groups of all genres. We’re also excited to start some regular chill jam sessions (with snacks) where anyone can turn up and join in. We are also looking to hold a variety of collaboration events with other societies (careers, academic and special interest).

Do keep updated by following us on social media!

LSESU Music Society:
Are there some activities for piano playing?
You can of course practice the piano in the Music Practice Rooms.

You can also get involved in LSE Chill, the LSE’s free performance nights for students and staff as well as weekly lunchtime concerts.

For more information, please check and

Please get in touch with LSE Arts at or LSE Events at (both aren’t affiliated with the LSESU Music Society) should you have any specific questions.


Music Groups: Jazz

Do you have any jazz groups or bands?
This depends entirely on the interest of members. If there is enough interest among members to form a jazz group, then these members are more than welcome to go ahead and form the group themselves.

We will soon be creating a Google Form for members to fill in should they wish to form a music group (jazz, chamber music, etc).

Your academic department might have a band too! You may wish to get in touch with them.

Are jazz bands instrumental or do they include a singer?
This is entirely up to the members who form the jazz band.


Music Groups: LSE Orchestra

Will the LSE Orchestra run this academic year?
The LSE Orchestra will be running this year. Stay tuned to find out more information!
Does the LSE Orchestra require auditions?
Yes. There’s a short audition before rehearsals start for the conductor to see how you play, where you play one passage from a piece of your choosing and sight-read another one. It should take no more than 10 minutes!


Music Groups: LSE Choir

Will the Choir run this academic year?
The LSE Choir will be running this year. Stay tuned to find out more information!
Does the Choir require auditions?
No, it doesn’t!


Music Groups: A Capella

What are the differences between the two a cappella groups (Houghtones and RogueNotes)?
The easiest way to see the difference between our groups is to check out our past performances on Facebook!



The RogueNotes typically lean more towards mainstream pop music, such as Lorde, Lizzo and Florence & The Machine, but we’ve also done songs from k-pop, West End musicals, and even anime openings! Songs as well as any choreography we do are all arranged by our own members, and we have a tradition of doing one “organic arrangement” per year, where we as a member gather together and all pitch in to work on one song. We’re also the younger group of the two if that helps!

Often mistaken for being the more ‘traditional’ acapella group, we The Houghtones actually love singing all kinds of songs! From ABBA, Disney, and Lady Gaga medleys, to movie/TV soundtracks (think Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, etc.!) and hidden R&B gems, we simply love exploring both new and old songs. 

Do the a cappella groups require auditions? Do you audition twice if you want to join both, one for each group?
Both a cappella groups require auditions. You will have to audition once for each respective group, and each of our audition’s requirements may be slightly different. 

Audition detail announcements will be out later on. Remember to check our pages for more information! 

Is prior experience needed for the a cappella groups? For example, do we need to be able to sight read music?
No prior experience is needed for the a cappella groups! Of course, being able to sight read music will be helpful, but so long as you are able to learn your music in whatever way works best for you then you should be good to go.
When does the weekly practice take place for both a cappella groups?
In the past, weekly practices took place twice a week, 2 hours per session, with more sessions leading up to concerts and performances. However, we will update you on any changes to this schedule.

All members will be consulted on when they will be free to attend rehearsals so don’t worry too much about the possibility of missing classes! We try our best to work around everyone’s individual schedules when it comes to planning rehearsal dates and times.


Music Groups: Other

Is there a string quartet/trio/other chamber ensemble?
This depends entirely on the interest of members. If there is enough interest among members to form a chamber music group, then these members are more than welcome to go ahead and form the group themselves.

We have created a Google Form for members to fill in should they wish to form a music group (jazz, chamber music, etc).