Booking the music practice rooms

As a member of the LSESU Music Society you can request a practice session on campus.

Firstly to request either of the two music practice rooms (MPR’s) you must be an LSE student or LSE staff, and a member of the LSESU Music Society.

Not yet a LSESU Music Society member or is the option to request the music practice rooms not visible on your Resource Booker?

  • Join the LSESU Music Society at the ARC office in the Saw Swee Hock Building
  • Once you are a member, email to request access to book the MPR’s online. Allow time to be set up as a user: this can take approximately a week at peak times.



Old Shaw Library Music Room

OLD MPR (6th Floor Old Building)


The Music Practice Room (MPR) is in the Shaw Library (6th Floor Old Builing). Walk towards the pianos and then go through the red curtains on the right.

It contains various musical instruments for students and staff to use, whether it’s for pleasure or for practice towards a performance.

If you are interested in using the MPR you need to be a member of the LSESU Music Society. If you are not a member you cannot book the MPR for music practice. Please note you need to re-join the LSESU Music Society at the start of each academic year.

Once you have signed up as a member of the LSESU Music Society then you will automatically be set up to book the MPR. Members will be able to access the MPR using their LSE ID card.

  • Each Monday (before 1pm) the LSESU will send LSE security details of new members of the LSESU Music Society.
  • Security will set up each person to have access to the MPR with their LSE card. This process will take a maximum of 3 days.
  • Security will inform the Conference office when this done. The Conference office will then set those members up to be able to book the MPR via the online room booking system on LSE for You. This will be done within a further 2 days. At the latest members will be able to book the room by Friday evening.

Lincoln Chambers Music Room

LCH MPR (Basement of LCH)


The hours of the LCH MPR are 0800-2100 Monday to Sunday on dates when the School is open. If you are not yet registered on the online system please email

To access the online Resource Booker please go to:

There is currently a piano, drum kit, amps and other instruments available in the LCH MPR.

How to find it:

The door is between the SU stationary shop and the LSE merchandise shop; swipe your card on the reader and then follow the signs down the stairs to the basement.

Please note that access to the LCH MPR is not step free.

MPR Booking Rules

  • Any bookings for the room need to be made online at least 24 hours in advance of the booking.
  • LSESU Music Society members should not book the MPR for anyone else but themselves.
  • Members may not book the room for longer than one hour per session starting at the top of the hour.
  • Members are limited to one session per day.
  • Members cannot book the room more than two weeks in advance (this does not include the LSESU Music Society Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer).
  • While in the MPR it is that persons’ responsibility for any of the equipment housed within the room. If the person who has the room booked after you does not show up you will still be required to vacate after your hour is up.
  • Food or drink is not to be taken into the MPR.
  • Smoking is NOT allowed in the MPR.
  • The room must be left in a tidy and orderly fashion.
  • The MPR door should be closed when you leave.

Please note only LSE student and staff members of Music Society can book the MPR.

A notice will be posted on the music practice room door everyday so that you can see who has the room booked and at what times that day.

Any person/s found not abiding by these rules may have their MPR booking privileges taken away.